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Last updated on 11/29/2005

Submitted by: Julie Wier

Llamas of Wier World

There's nothing quite as cool as the look on the face of a young person who has just been introduced to a llama or alpaca. 

Over the past 23 years of owning these wonderful animals, I've seen many types of reaction and interaction between kids and camelids.

It's just plain fun to lead an alpaca in a parade.  Or maybe two!  Seeing them at a Vacation Bible School or preschool picnic is a treat.   Walking into the pasture to feed a carrot or two to Sugar Ray Llama is an adventure.  Or a story to tell mom and dad over the dinner table.  Especially when the story includes Ray's decision to live in our Native American tipi!

Learning that the guttural sounds made by male llamas and alpacas when "arguing" is the basis for the amazing dinosaur sounds in "Jurassic Park" is a bit of trivia to save for a rainy day.

And the hesitant approach of a person with a developmental disability to an alpaca or llama is quickly replaced with a delighted smile when a hand is buried in that soft, luxurious fiber.

Yep.  Kids and camelids go together. 


 Why not visit a local llama or alpaca farm and see the adventure first hand?


Julie Wier


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What is an Alpaca?


Patty & Mr. Drysdale

Patty and Mark spent their weekend of the 23rd through the 25th of September at the Oklahoma State Fair in Oklahoma City.

Patty took a first place ribbon with Mr. Drysdale, in the male suri juvenile halter class.

There were at least 50 breeders present showing over 200 animals. Also present were the Llama folks for their show. It is safe to say a great time was had by all.

We were able to squeeze in some time to visit the Oklahoma Federal Building Bomb site. The memorial there is something to behold. Even though the event was ten years ago it stands as a true testament of American resolve even in today's troubled times.


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