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This website is for the promotion of the Alpaca, and for  encouraging others considering the lifestyle of alpaca ownership.

Patty grew up on the family farm which has been primarily a grain farm with different animals off and on. The area around my family farm is becoming more urban with subdivsions everywhere I look. We were seeking a way to keep the rural lifestyle. The search began for the right animal that could be raised easily and profitably on our farm. The search ended with my introduction to alpacas as every aspect of the animal seemed "a match made in Heaven" for the Bearths' needs and property. Even "sticker shock"  gave way to a growing awe for God who had placed such a beautiful, gentle, and useful animal on earth for man's use.

BearKamp Farms specializes in breeding quality alpacas for their fine fleece, conformation and disposition.  We are located in the plains of the Midwest in Belleville, Illinois just 25 minutes from St. Louis with easy access to I-64 and I-55/I-70 fairly close by. 

The very best way to learn about alpacas is to visit an alpaca farm.  Alpacas are easy keepers and can be raised on small acreage. We can truly say that raising and breeding alpacas is a very rewarding lifestyle. You are cordially invited to visit our farm and see these gentle creatures for yourself.  Call or e-mail today to schedule your visit!  

Our services include breeding, boarding, marketing, products for sale, civic organization tours…  We believe the alpaca’s unique, incredibly soft durable fiber will ensure the long-term viability of the North American alpaca market.  Our aim is for continued improvement of the domestic herd and to support an alpaca textile industry that will sustain alpaca breeders well into the next century.

Some people may want to purchase one or two animals as a way to accumulate the funds required for the college education of their children. The purchase of just two breeding females is a good start toward that end. Given a ten year period those two original females can very conservatively grow into a herd of thirty or more alpacas! Of course, you may want to purchase a male to use as a herd sire, or you can take advantage of the many herd sire animals available for a stud fee. If you don’t wish to take on the task of breeding your own animals agistment would be an excellent option for you.

The purchase of alpacas for investment is always a personal decision and we encourage you to investigate fully the many options open to you. There is always a risk involved in the purchase of any kind of livestock and alpacas are no exception. They are however, extremely hardy and easy to raise and they are 100% insurable for mortality and theft. Actually, we don’t know of a better animal to invest your money or your love in! 


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